Samantha Barkauskas is...

1981 – Life begins.


My mother is beauty, art, nature, and craft in human form. She is tireless and daring in her quest to create things. Ever since I can remember, we were making different things, for holidays, for school projects, but mostly just for fun. It was all of us together, playing with these materials and ideas, learning, bonding, and building our personalities. That time was colorful and it was messy. My mother saw my natural talent and passion for art and crafting and encouraged me to try everything. There are things I learned about creating and myself in those early years of my life that shaped who I will be forever.


I got a little lost in college. In 1999, using computers as a tool for creating design and art was kind of a new concept still. The Internet started to drive everything at light speed. I needed a “career”. I graduated from Philadelphia University as a Graphic Designer in 2003, but never really fit into that mold as a creative person.  That is why I say I got "lost". It took me years to find my way back to painting and drawing. I still love what the computer can do, but I am forever a fine artist at heart. I found my insatiable craving again to create something, anything tangible. That need, it’s just in there.


For a long time, I have asked myself what I was waiting for, and what was holding me back?  It seemed so easy for other people, how do they just, do that? How can they be so good? How can I be that good too?


Now I know, they were just doing things because that was what they needed to do.




The priority was to create or to say something or to just be the way that felt the best.

The priority was never "doing it right". 

There are trillions X trillions X trillions of ways to DO IT RIGHT.

Here is my version of DOING IT RIGHT.

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